Bounce Bunny – a poem by Mary Paulson

Bounce Bunny
oh the music
moves elevates a burning pogo stick
kind of jumpiness
when the bass booms
boom my heart is in my throat fist
pumping unrelenting
drumbeat electric star cosmic
Easter egg pigments fly royal
blue sapphire shine dance rabbit! bounce
bunny! there’s a force field of light chasing you down
and this is joy! Unsure rabbit plain jane
rabbit this is your evening blue light soundtrack glow stick
night energy so powerful anyone over sixty
feels they've been hung from a power line oh
when the house the house goes all out
choruses of angels appear in
gold leotards American Apparel knee
socks there's no stopping glory solar flare bouncing
bodies surfing titanic radio waves
fly rabbit! glitter nightingales soar gilded
wings you don’t have to be
small bunny there’s sky fulls light in billions disco
flesh breathing electric pink trembling orange
phoenix fires rhythms rising we are we are
so close to being one body—

Mary Paulson’s writing has appeared in multiple publications, most recently in ChronogramPine Hills ReviewBackchannels, Discretionary Love, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Poetica Review, Orchards Poetry Journal, DASH Literary Journal and The Pomegranate London. Her debut chapbook, Paint the Window Open was published by Kelsay Publishing in 2021. She lives in Naples, FL.

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