Meeting Place – a poem by Cit Ananda

Meeting Place

I have laid out a blanket,
held at four corners by pinpricks of Light.
To meet me here you will have to take a leap of faith.
Believe in the magic of the fire that holds the corners
but never burns the flesh.
Believe in the power of possibility
that explodes you into the cosmos
and deposits you on the floral center
of a pulsing mandala
with a soft, gentle thud.

Believe in emptiness and space.

Within that field lies the butterfly and the rain.
It pulses with life and vibrates with harmonies unsung.
A richness meets the eyes,
though the field is vacant.
What is seen is Divine artwork,
strokes of whimsy meeting gestures of passion
yielding ribbons of Light
and flowing rivers of sacred color
bleed into everything.

I feel the liquid Light bleeding into my body.
As it moves through the sacred vessel
it merges with blood and bone
and finds already flowing there
subtler ribbons of luminous Light.
Threads of familiarity magnetize together
pulled by rapture and affection.

A concert of hums erupts
and the body is moved.
What pulls the head from the Earth?
What draws the feet to the soil?
What winds the body in waves of ecstasy
and morphs the mind into jelly?

It feels so pure and true.

Surrendered like a marionette
in the hands of our puppeteer,
the body receives.
and the waves amplify.
and the body receives.
and the waves amplify.

And just like that
I am exploded into the cosmos,
seated on the floral center
of the rippling mandala of time,
the eternal Now.

Care to leap with me
and picnic among the pricks of Light
and whimsical ecstasy?
Care to lose yourself in the fabric of Eternity?
Care to be unbounded in sacred harmony?

I have laid out our blanket.

Cit Ananda’s poetry is inspired by direct experience, captured in moments between perception when the mind falls quiet and deep silence shares an offering that touches the mystery of life. She will tell you she catches poetry on the winds of the universe. She has work published or forthcoming in Mountain Path, Tiferet Journal, Soul-Lit, and OFFERINGS: A Spiritual Poetry Anthology from Tiferet Journal. Explore more at

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