The Reformation – a poem by Jessica Khailo

The Reformation

If the cracks in the dome of the temple
are corpus callosum 
and cerebral cortex,
our muted cries for more stability
may finally rupture the cathedral foundations
and open our staring eye to the Sun.
It’s not how we see, but why we see it,
when we penetrate our painted ceilings
and reclaim them from the Demiurge.
This twisting labyrinth
is no longer finite, unbound from its tiles,
as we take our golden spoons 
to the softening walls of crimson chambers,
where new ventricles are created
for rivers of Divine Love
within our Sacred Hearts.

Jessica Khailo (she/her) lives in the state of Washington with her husband, two children, and one very good dog. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys complaining on walks through the woods, knitting, creating dodgy artwork, and singing her heart out like no one is listening. Her work has appeared in The Citron Review.

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