Firepit – a poem by Dominic Palmer


Gathered in
the womb of light, 
under the stars 
we gaze at fire.

In the circle
words crackle:
how a forest
speaks to itself,
leaf to root to
synapse shoot –
the magic of it,
the many,
the one.

Over embers we toast
marshmallows, toast 
life in the afterglow.

And then we go
as fire fades
into the night –
born into a 
different, brighter
darkness than 
the one from
which we came.

Dominic Palmer grew up near Oxford and studied at the University of Cambridge, which means he never fails to vicariously win (or lose) the annual Boat Race. He now lives in Manchester with his wife, teaches English in a secondary school, and enjoys cycling, gardening, and playing music.

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