Sacred Secret – a poem by Jennifer Rodrigues

Sacred Secret

There are secrets hidden in
my body,
ancient secrets
of movement, of letting go
the secret web that holds
me together.

I know how to feel it,
to release restrictions
and invite fluidity.
I can teach you
this visceral language,
how to breathe into your pelvis
the ways of knowing your
ancestor’s grief,
held tight into the body
and letting her go on her way.

You and I are done
living someone else’s life.
It doesn’t mean we forget them,
their fight to survive,
it means we can separate
who lived whom
in this body cradling our souls.

Jennifer Rodrigues currently lives on the sacred Powhatan land of Fairfax, VA. She works as a certified yoga therapist, is a Reiki healer, military spouse, mother to a creative daughter and a black cat named Miss Yvonne. She has been published in The Muleskinner Journal, tiny frights.

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  1. Mary Alice Dixon says:

    “Body cradling our souls” – breathtakingly beautiful. A stunning poem. Thank you for writing these words.

    Mary Alice Dixon

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