oboe in the morning – a poem by Nora Howard

oboe in the morning

elegant architecture well-dressed 
dog walkers joggers benches trees
cars speed by on the highway 
New Jersey’s tall white buildings 
on the other side of the river

small birds hop in a budding tree
a man warms up on his oboe
sheet music on his stand
the sweet sound mixed with 
the early morning light and air

brought a stillness an open clarity
a balance I’d been seeking
the vibrations coming from
his double reed instrument 
ran through me				

for a time there 
seemed to be no more
me or him or them 
no more separation

Nora Howard’s interests include people, language, dreams and the mysterious events of life. In her visual art and in her poetry she focuses on the fleeting moment, the passage of time and human interactions. She was raised in Greenwich Village and has spent most of her life living in NYC.

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