Anima – a poem by Andrew Frisardi


Her skin marine, her fragrance haze,
Eyes buoys that mark the harbor. 
Her length awash in waterways
While ruddering limbs ride the currents.
Her womb capacious, the ocean’s loom.

She lives in bodies’ salt recurrence,
The lit electrolytes and sonar lore
Below. Queen of the drifting sanctum,
A lone blue whale whose purlieus are
The billowing domains of plankton.

Andrew Frisardi is a Bostonian living in central Italy. His most recent books are Ancient Salt: Essays on Poets, Poetry, and the Modern World (Wipf & Stock) and The Harvest and the Lamp (Franciscan UP). His annotated translation of Dante’s Convivio was recently reissued in paperback by Cambridge UP.

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