‘The jackdaws caw and do not care’ – a poem by JM Summers

The jackdaws caw and do not care 
that for a moment we allowed 
ourselves to dream. Do they look 
out across the waters they do 
not allow themselves to visit 
and wonder, still, and dream, 
too? In the chapel we are 
invited to pray, as if in the 
hush of contemplation you might 
hear something other than the 
thoughts you yourself offer up.
But hush, now, and listen, as
if there, in the midst of the 
dream, the answer might come.
The still, small voice you are 
perhaps not too deaf yet to hear.
The narrower way you might yet 
give yourself leave to follow.

JM Summers is an IT Consultant, blogger, and busy father of three. Previous publication credits include Another Country from Gomer Press, Borderlines, Blithe Spirit and Presence. He is the former editor of a number of small press magazines. He has published one book, Niamh, a collection of prose and poetry.

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