The Shadow Keeper – a poem by Sarah Greenwood

The Shadow Keeper

I am as full and as empty as the moon
I walk down steps and they echo back into me
as if there is nothing there
A skin stretched as over drum
around a skeleton
fragile and crisp as shell

I am silence
I walk into white noise
I have no questions and I have a 
thousand questions

I am ocean
I have no say in where I go 
I obey the moon
I ask           no questions 
I tell            nobody
I forfeit myself
over and over
lapping lightly at the sand
letting it bury me slowly
Offering up shells of the dead
I pave my way
to being loved

I am moon
I turn my face to the sun 
and light places underground 
I didn't know were there
My back is cold
My back can take it
stowing shadows like folded laundry 
Rare and solitary
My naked back
is beautiful

Sarah Greenwood is a poet and translator of Portuguese to English who uprooted herself to the Algarve 16 years ago. Her writing explores themes of identity, spirituality and the relationship we weave with place and time. She is a mother and a birth rights activist.

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