Not An Air Sign – a poem by Sam Ligeti

Not An Air Sign

I want to feel light
Like Anemoi’s feet on shoulders
In the neighbor’s swimming pool
Or the sated smile of Plutus
As he unbuttons his oxford shirt.

Find me airborne as a piece of lint
Drifting outside domestic dribble -
Like Andromeda out for dry-cleaning
To never dirty the doorstep again.

I don’t know how to be free
Within this context,
Would I earn respect
Without this desk 
Against my cheek
Against free time?

Forget legacy,
What you mean is 
A friend at a funeral saying
you made her feel lighter?

I was always more fun in the open air.
I’m probably more valuable in a meadow.

But to swear myself to Elysium
Feels like its own form of condemnation.

I want to build a temple to myself
That’s a temple to everyone human.

I pick up a brick
And feel the wind
That makes me wonder
If I’ve gotten it all wrong
And I should be the air
The temple tries to reach.

Sam Ligeti (She/Her) has always known that she’s a writer, but is only just starting to believe it. Connect with her on Instagram: @samligeti, or at

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