On Christmas Day in the Morning – a poem by D.S. Martin

On Christmas Day in the Morning

I saw three planes slowly circling   ablaze 
so every eye could see where they were
a setting of three diamonds   equidistant 
under the parchment dome   early on a Christmas Day 

like slow-moving torches that brightly burn
each waiting its turn   like shimmering gifts of gold
frankincense & myrrh   in a caravan crossing sand
each having come a long way   & so close to arrival 
but having not yet arrived   like promises nearing fulfillment   
three planeloads of weary   gift-bearing travellers   eager to return
to loved ones   still asleep beneath snow-covered roofs   
or waiting in the terminal   to welcome them home   

D.S. Martin is Poet-in-Residence at McMaster Divinity College. Angelicus (2021) is now available from Wipf & Stock ― a poetry collection written from the point of view of angels. Visit his blog Kingdom Poets and his website.

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