Fish – a poem by J-T Kelly


I'm a child on the pier with my toes in the cold lake water.
I can see only fog about ten feet or so out ahead.
My feet bare on each step, I walked down from the grass to the rocks.
My own voice is muffled and returns to me changed when I speak.

When I speak, it is words from the fog in the hollows of sleep —
Things I do not remember, surprising me as they emerge.
I can’t tell just how empty and large the inside of me is —
It’s enough, though, to swallow the pier and the lake and the fog.

This is where my interior deep was first sounded and pierced.
This is how I was caught. I still carry the hook in my mouth.

J-T Kelly is an innkeeper in Indianapolis. He lives in a brick house with his wife and five children, his two parents, and a dog.

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