Eve’s Theme – a poem by David B. Prather

Eve’s Theme
Rumor suggests that the name of things originated with me,
even those distinct variations of rain.
But this is not exactly the truth.
Even the smallest creature, the least observed plant,
the most distant star has a voice and speaks
its own appellation.  I’m sorry
if you don’t understand.
If you are still enough, long enough, you can hear
all those who speak.  And as for the gossip of temptation,
don’t be so quick to judge.
Even the seeds inside the fruit call out.
I listen.
They say bite into the flesh,
let them see the light.

David B. Prather is the author of We Were Birds (Main Street Rag Publishing). His second collection will be published by Fernwood Press. His work has appeared in many print and online journals, including Prairie Schooner, Psaltery & Lyre, The Meadow, Cutleaf, Sheila-Na-Gig, etc. He studied acting at the National Shakespeare Conservatory, and he studied writing at Warren Wilson College.

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