Meditation – a poem by Rowan Middleton


I sit, wrapped in a duvet, by the window. 
Outside, the streetlamp sends a yellow glow 
across the blankness of the neighbour’s wall. 
What else? a pole, a clothesline made of cable. 
A distant train horn sounds its two-note warning; 
somewhere its headlamp slides towards a platform 
where people hang about with bags and coffee, 
ready for doors that open on urgent journeys. 
Meanwhile, the sun is rising, the wall whitens. 
Someone unlocks their door. A scooter guns 
between the houses, joins the traffic sounds 
that heave and flow about me. The pole is rusting, 
the empty cable sways upon the breeze. 
I sit among the beingness of things. 

Rowan Middleton teaches English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershire. His pamphlet The Stolen Herd is published by Yew Tree Press.

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