New Treasures as well as Old – a poem by D.S. Martin

New Treasures as well as Old

Have you seen my house   my little house?  
From it I draw treasures to share   generous
gifts given   by saints & sages   held out

open-palmed   glimmering like precious metal  
& given to me   of all people   for safe keeping  
To show you   I'll open a book   & turn the pages  

Look at the illumination   outlined in pure gold  
by an unknown monk   in a cold scriptorium  
during an age of self-denial   More shines

from the page   than the hurried will ever perceive
I hold a ruby up to the light for you to see   for you
to receive   if you're so inclined   It cost me nothing

everything   Take it with you   On this tree-lined
street   this little house   houses treasures  
where marauders would never think to look  

See this pearl?   The diver who retrieved it  
lost his life   & a merchant sold all he had  
to get it    Since then   it's slipped through

so many fingers   despite its great worth
In this glass case   such wise beauty   from
across the years   reposes   & over here   tokens

of what the broken   have sculpted in midair
Do you question the measure of all you bring
since it’s not earned you a living?

From this little house I draw treasures to share  
You are welcome to all that's here   We are not
diminished   by the giving

D.S. Martin is Poet-in-Residence at McMaster Divinity College. Angelicus (2021) is now available from Wipf & Stock― a poetry collection written from the point of view of angels. Visit his blog Kingdom Poets and his website.

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