We Are All God’s Poems – a poem by Katy Shedlock

We Are All God's Poems

recited live
in a dark and crowded cosmos
flowing freely at the bar
ice and glass clink
spirits stronger in the shadows. 
Whatever whirling chaos
in the background
fades to formless
when the divine face 
hovers over the mic.
Let there be you
and me alight
with attention,
three minutes 
not an eternity
but eternally
alive in each 
other's memory.
All beloved poems
eventually get read
at funerals, our lives
summed in a few
short lines. What
are we, but spoken 
Word, easily chilled
by the cold void?
And it was so
good, anyway,
the warm cloud
of breath lingering,
vapor and steam 
float briefly 
then drop 
let's return 
not to dust
but to the dark.
We listen
so much better there.

Katy Shedlock is a Methodist pastor and church planter in Spokane, WA.  Her work has been featured online by Pontoon Poetry, Earth & Altar, and Line Rider Press.


  1. In We Are All God’s Poems, I like the juxtapositions of cold void and warm breath, and dust and dark. A lot goes on at a reading at a bar.

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  2. Alena Casey says:

    Some captivating imagery here. I like the line, “what are we but spoken Word”.

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