Green Pearls – a poem by Daniel Thomas

Green Pearls

When illness stills you, and worry weights 
your limbs—when you rub your eyes to wake up

and the rose light of evening slants
across the dusty table—you take a walk, 

but the neighborhood is empty—even the birds
have flown, taking with them the furnishings 

of sound that make the world inhabitable.  
You remember Midwest autumns—how herds

of maple leaves skittered across the blacktop. 
Nestled among tree trunks and leafless shrubs,

they found their place of winter rest.
You, too, hurry down the driveway, brittle

as the dried husk of a seed pod.  But within you—
green pearls in a frail shell. 

Daniel Thomas’s second collection of poetry, Leaving the Base Camp at Dawn, was published in 2022. His first collection, Deep Pockets, won a 2018 Catholic Press Award. He has published poems in many journals, including Southern Poetry Review, Nimrod, Poetry Ireland Review, The Bitter Oleander, Atlanta Review, and others.  More info at

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