Gifting My Maracuyá – a poem by Laurie Kuntz

Gifting My Maracuyá

 A stringy vine that gets tangled 
in shoe laces, or around bare ankles,
it's best to let it creep 
up tall trees in broad sun, 
no shade to hide its bloom,
but I have shade and stumbles,
so I gave my Maracuyá vines away 
to settle in a sunnier clime.

Years passed, and the vine flowered 
a ripe passionate purple mass 
of petals and filament and corona.

We forget all we give away 
until it returns fully ripened. 

A stringy vine in another's soil
blossoming flower into fruit and passion,
returned as a gift bestowed 
by giving love away.

Laurie Kuntz is a two time Pushcart nominee and a Best of Net nominee. Her fifth poetry collection: Talking Me off the Roof is available from Kelsay Books. Visit her at: 

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