Angel’s Telegram – a poem by Jessica Mattox

Angel’s Telegram 

An angel whispers in my ear:

It’s okay. 

Her words like clockwork
melt the worries in my soul, 
because a soul was not built
to worry, not meant to house
toxic fog but rather sail

on night mists. I see
angel lighthouse 
signals; their still,
small morse code 
reaches my heart

and the morning 
comes, a welcoming 
mother, facilitating
a sense of wonder.

I recycle J. Alfred Prufrock’s 
business card, because I am a loveable
fool but he will never again
tell me that it’s a crime
to disturb the universe.

I’ll eat a peach, live like a peach, and be peachy. 
I’ll drive to Georgia 
and eat all the sweet
peaches I can get my hands on, 
because the angel
whispered in my
ear, left a telegram
that reads:
Hello, stop.  You’re beautiful, stop.
And as for all of the doubt,

Jessica Mattox is a PhD student in English at Old Dominion University and an adjunct English professor. In addition to writing poetry, she is passionate about the teaching and learning of technical/professional communication and first-year composition. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Last Leaves Magazine, The Album at Hollins University, Exit 109 at Radford University, and others. In addition, her academic scholarship has been published in the Virginia English Journal.

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