Lunchbreak – a poem by John Seacome


Surveying the view over fresh wrapped sandwiches,
lunch break workers sit in their accustomed spaces on the Edge
A display of silver obliterates the western sk
A numinosity so bright it’s hard to loo
Is it the gateway to heaven?
Not like the much sought-after setting sun
Performing tricks on the horizo
Changing hue as it grows, then sinking exhausted below the horizon,
like a tired human slipping below the duvet.
The comfort of sunset is a set piece for marking day and night
like changing the guard.
Today this sky intimates a rare glory
The linking of Heaven and Earth
Not a time for sleeping but a time to wake.
but this makes the nerves tingle.
maybe offering a promise of greater things to come.
The plastic wrappers thrown carefully in a bin,
The lunchtime philosophers
head back to work and home.

John Seacome is a retired Town Planner and has spent his retirement years training to be a Licensed Lay Minister and working in his local Benefice south west of Wakefield. He also researches local and family history and enjoys being with his granddaughters nearby.He is more familiar with prose writing but is attempting to create a poetic style at present

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