Time Change – a poem by Lory Widmer Hess

Time change

The clocks have been turned ahead
but I
haven’t caught up – my body’s not sure
when day begins; I wake before dawn
and can’t recall
if I’m early or late.

Some clocks got changed,
some didn’t. This one
on my shelf still tells me
the real time – as real
as time can be;
aren’t all clocks
an illusion, made to say to the sun
that we’re the ones in charge?

I know someone
whose watch is always wrong, and yet
he can tell what time it is.

I’d like to have that knowledge.
I’d like to never be confused
by worldly signs and symbols,
always aligning
my personal timepiece
with the big one in the sky.

Lory Widmer Hess is an American currently living with her family in Switzerland. She works with adults with developmental disabilities and is in training as spiritual director. Her writing has been published in ParabolaRed Letter ChristiansKosmos QuarterlyRuminate: The WakingChristian Community Perspectives, and other print and online publications. She blogs at enterenchanted.com.

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