An Accurate Account of the Ineffable – a poem by Maryanne Hannan

An Accurate Account of the Ineffable

My bucket is fuller than it looks.
At least I’ve never seen it empty.
Sometimes I sip its refreshing water. 
But more likely, no; it has that briny taste—
Salty like tears.
I’ve adjusted to an everyday kind of thirst.
Sometimes I use the water from my bucket 
To sprinkle seeds I’ve scattered on the ground.
A few have sprouted but nothing to brag about—
Too puny a crop to satisfy ordinary hunger. 
One day I thought to scoop a cup of water 
From my bucket and sprinkle-spray the sea—
It dispersed without a trace.
No wave of joyful reciprocity 
Arose to meet my droplets.
Disappointing, that it made no difference. 
But the sun was shining that day. 
More light than I needed.

Maryanne Hannan has published poetry in Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry, The Christian Century, Windhover,The Curator and elsewhere. She is the author of Rocking like It’s All Intermezzo: 21st Century Psalm Responsorials(Resource Publications, 2019).

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