Bathing – a poem by Catherine Arra


in lavender-fragrant froth
broth-soothing warmth
the spigot a fountain
of water-to-water solace
a patient percussion
slowing the heart drum
reminding me

Float the day

broken stove
ruined quiche
forgotten bills
soured milk
leaf-littered garage
season shifts and endings.

Float the day

before sleep
in purple meditation
water-cocooned massage
my tub, an ocean
my body a raft, buoyant and brave
toes pointing out to sea 
and the next day.

Catherine Arra is the author of four full-length collections and three chapbooks. Her newest work Solitude, Tarot & the Corona Blues is forthcoming from Kelsay Books in 2023. Arra is a native of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York, where she teaches part-time and facilitates local writing groups. Find her at

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