The Plunge – a poem by Sam Ligeti

The Plunge

Sink into the unsaid
Because sometimes
The words ready
On your tongue
Are too easy.

Swim through your mind
Beneath the sparkling surface—
Wade past the frothy shoreline,
That bubbling, meatless foam,
And take the plunge.

Where whale songs once echoed,
Where anchors disintegrate slowly.

The sound of nothing
Can be so full
And exquisite.

Why do we forget?

The clearest of fish glisten
Like the glass you keep your heart in,

Shielded from what’s really here,
So heavy and unknowable. 

But if you trust yourself enough
To let go
And spend time
In this deep space,
The relief comes
Like a touch of piano keys
Transmitted through 
Still ocean,

Like sunlight filtering through
Pounds and pounds of
Water turned weightless.

Find your voice
In sanctified silence
And float upwards
Towards an eggshell sky,
Breaking open
Like a poem
Falling into a wind-swept page,
Writer huddled onshore and squinting
Into ocean spray and trick of light,
A mermaid rising above the rocks.

Sam Ligeti (She/Her) has always known that she’s a writer, but is only just starting to believe it. Connect with her on Instagram: @samligeti, or at

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  1. Pablo Cuzco says:

    You are able to mix diverse thoughts into a unified story combined with lyrical motion. Great!

    Liked by 1 person

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