Barn Owl – a poem by David Hanlon

Barn Owl
Day morphs into night:
she awakens,
spreads her honey-dipped,
mottled wings,
reveals snowy underparts,
stretches her long toes,
clenches her sharp talons,
ready to forage
for small birds,
mice or voles.
But how joyous,
that of all the owls,
her heart-shaped face
is the most widespread. 

David Hanlon is a Welsh poet living in Cardiff. He is a Best of the Net nominee. You can find his work online in over 50 magazines, including Rust & Moth, Icefloe Press & Amethyst Review. His first chapbook Spectrum of Flight is available for purchase now at Animal Heart Press. You can follow him on twitter @davidhanlon13 and Instagram @welshpoetd

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