Awakening – a poem by Moonmoon Chowdhury

Every day, I  witness new blossoms in the park.
The day before, it was a black cat meditating by the pond,
Unperturbed by the shifting drapery of the sun.
Yesterday, I saw the water waltzing
To the tune of the breeze,
Oblivious to prying eyes.
Today I saw the ancient Willows,
Twinkling under the golden light,
Heads bowed in gratitude.
At long last, I took out the forsaken trowel,
And ploughed the fallow tract of the soul,
Hoping for Cadmium Yellow blossoms to peep out, someday.

Moonmoon Chowdhury is a poet and writer. Her works have appeared  in Borderless journal, Tell Me Your Story, A second cup of tea by The Hive Publishers, Sylvia magazine, The Pine Cone Review, Sonic Boom Journal, and more. She is currently based in Amsterdam. 

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