Gabriel – a poem by Jonel Abellanosa


God entrusts His words, His strength His
Archangel, the land’s guardian. I was conceived,
Born to describe, grown to shape with words.
Rufous hummingbird my yearn for meaning.
Imagination my Tree of Knowledge. In shade
Elohim, from whom you pass the pomegranate.
Let me interpret the seeds on my tongue.

Grant me the future salvia, sage of diviners
And the scape. Clear my lungs, so I could
Bring the long exhalation to your horn. If
Revelation be theirs, if annunciation sounds,
Incarnation be the fruit we at last deserve.
Every ear shall know the ring, brass and 
Light, brilliant as the way words sing.  

Jonel Abellanosa resides in Cebu City, the Philippines. He writes poetry and fiction. He considers the sacred an important element of his personal poetics. He advocates animal rights and living comforts. He has three beloved dogs.

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