Butterfly years – a poem by Taher Adel

Butterfly years He said “How many years did you stay on earth?” – 23:112 A butterfly waits an entire afternoon for another pair of wings to fly with that’s like waiting two human years stone still, pheromones firing for a chance to dance These years seem wasted until you see them dart and hang inContinue reading “Butterfly years – a poem by Taher Adel”

New View of Neptune – a poem by Jill Buckley

New View of Neptune Here in this azure outpost Of the once-known universe, There will be no more crying or pain. I wiped away my final tear When I came down This Neptune morning. It is so BLUE! Blue like the skies of midsummer, Like the way the oceans Should have looked on Earth. IContinue reading “New View of Neptune – a poem by Jill Buckley”

A Plea – a poem by Dennis Daly

A Plea Star-maker, master of luster, I oppose the unprincipled Of which this world is so peopled, Some wicked folk prone to fester. If deterred, they bite and pester, The righteous first mute, then frightened, Star-maker, master of luster. Villains may blubber or bluster, Unashamed, even emboldened. Here virtue devolves, diminished. Let discernment never beContinue reading “A Plea – a poem by Dennis Daly”

In the time of lockdown – a poem by Marian Christie

In the time of lockdown Each morning she kneels on the pavement beside the cathedral’s locked gate. Her floral skirt is bright against the concrete. Sunbirds glint in jacaranda trees. The air is winter-sharp. There are no passers-by to observe the thin slant of her shadow, her grace in solitude, hands clasped, head bowed, herContinue reading “In the time of lockdown – a poem by Marian Christie”

Wilderness – a poem by Bernard Pearson

Wilderness Bone white, dead land, Under the dark corona’d sun, Where horn-tailed scorpions sand-swim Between his feet. The clamouring wind scowls around his head, Then to a high table he (by his father we say) Is led into temptation. There the world laid out before him Chess-board flat, Here kings and queens genuflect Unsteadily fromContinue reading “Wilderness – a poem by Bernard Pearson”

The sleepy sadness of things ending – a poem by Lisa Creech Bledsoe

The sleepy sadness of things ending Will it be a relief to evaporate and become everything else? to stop twisting in the dark sheets of night wings frozen to my sides, the moon a lemon rind filling my mouth with the sleepy sadness of things ending Does the river think: I will let go myContinue reading “The sleepy sadness of things ending – a poem by Lisa Creech Bledsoe”

The Cosmos in My Coffee – a poem by T. S. Davis

The Cosmos in My Coffee I cradle my coffee cup in the nest of my hands and stare at spiraling drops of curdling cream like tiny galaxies of stars that demand their own universe, or so it seems. Or so it seems, but only to the mind that’s me. No one else spies the cosmosContinue reading “The Cosmos in My Coffee – a poem by T. S. Davis”

Whaler’s Journal: Christina – a poem by Kyle Laws

Whaler’s Journal: Christina Christina & I would meet in a whaler’s shack after the season. She would walk up from Cape May Town gathering shells & carvings of bone, her carryall full with the leavings of tide that she took home & hung from walls as though she was determined to live under the surfaceContinue reading “Whaler’s Journal: Christina – a poem by Kyle Laws”

Garden – a story by Wayne-Daniel Berard

Garden It wasn’t much of a house, really. More like a country cottage, but not in the country. Or exactly the suburbs either. One of those locales that’s almost one but not quite the other. A bit disappointing, to be honest. Especially for the great Abramovich. We’d been invited for shabbat dinner, the first sinceContinue reading “Garden – a story by Wayne-Daniel Berard”

The Beat of Wings – a poem by Ken Gierke

The Beat of Wings Hot in the sun, as I lower my kayak to the pad of the boat ramp. Far behind yesterday, but still 83 at mid-morning. No cooler in my vest, as I ready to step into the kayak, leave behind machinery and concrete. But sliding into that seat, sitting on the water?Continue reading “The Beat of Wings – a poem by Ken Gierke”