Interrupted View – a poem by Jane R Rogers

Interrupted View

She is crouched,
elegant, in the tulip flowerbed.
From the silk edges
of wide kimono sleeves
her small ink-drawn fingers point,
invite me to gaze
along her rows of tulips.

As she interrogates
a scarlet bud, could it be
that something in her sketched eyes
is alive. Do her pupils dilate.
Does something of the world
slide away inside her.

Maybe she feels it, that
song of a flower,
that supernatural bend
of a bird note,
that sensation
of lava dancing in the universe.

But in complicity, her silence, it blinks
on my curious eye.
Things she could have meant
are impenetrable –
her language, her landscape
seem hooked
to her stillness. And I admit

I have used up
my feelings here,
I must move on to another image and
aah! my mouth opens like a
guppy choking for air.

Jane R Rogers has been writing poetry for seven years and is a member of the Greenwich Poetry Workshop. Jane’s poems have been published in print and online – appearing in Atrium, Prole, Ink Sweat & Tears, Long Exposure Magazine, Obsessed with Pipework, and in the Tate Gallery Website poetry anthology 2012. Jane lives in London but misses the West Country.

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