On the Creation of the World – a poem by Steve Broidy

On the Creation of the World

Today, on the radio, I heard a man tell of a time
he had lived without testosterone. Some freakish
siphon of circumstance had all but drained
that hormone from his loins.

He said: I changed, became alive without feeling;
an observer, attentive and cold. The facts were clear:
that is a window, and here a chair; across the room sits
a man with no hair on his head.

He said: I looked at all and saw that it was
beautiful. And beauty was a sentient thing:
I did not judge, but, all dispassionate, came to know.
God would see it so.

Steve Broidy is Emeritus Professor of Education at Wittenberg University. He is editor and contributor to From the Tower: Poetry in Honor of Conrad Balliet (Main Street Rag Publishing Co. 2016), and has published in The Midwest Quarterly, Dark Matter, The Resurrectionist, and Allegro Poetry Magazine.

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