The Road Made Visible – a poem by Sandy Rochelle

The Road Made Visible


You take my hand and fold red ribbons in my hair.

Wisdom leads you through the fog.

Fields part opening to wide forests and a road made visible.

We speak our own language known only to infants, the elderly and the silent.

The ground opens up and we disappear into a land of mystics and saints.

We are driven by unseen elements.

You speak an unspoken tongue.

Taught by beings of the past and souls forgotten.

You communicate with worlds that have fallen.

Worlds with strange names become our allies.

You become our interpreter as we ascend.



Many of Sandy Rochelle‘s poems have been  influenced by her son, David, who is autistic and deaf. She is the recipient of the World Peace Society Award for Literature, and  The Autism Society of America’s Literary Achievement Award. Individual Publications include: Moon Shadow, Sanctuary Press/Formidable Woman,Visions International, Ekphrastic Review, Writing in a Woman’s Voice Tuck, and others.

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