Mothers – a poem by Rose Fairfield


I watched a documentary
About wildlife in the savannas
A mother cheetah stared down a snake
….That had just eaten her baby
Until the snake coughed
The tiny carcass back onto the sand
I imagined how it must feel
To be snatched from our life’s mother
How our life’s mother would feel
….Would she bellow
Into the glistening cosmic sphere
A voice where there shouldn’t be
Caustic and shrieking
Starved voids turning
….Their mouths away
Refusing to swallow
Would she summon her plasmas
All scorch and terror within a frame
Of humming celestial ash
To tower over the juncture of here
And not here
Would she intimidate the quivering
….Dimensional curtain
Into regurgitating our bodies
Wet with whatever
Comes after
Smelling of saltwater
….Musk and pennies
Would she use her stardust tongue
To lick the goneness
From our dripping hair
If she could
Or is this all wrong
The curtain….the mother….the assumption
Beyond the snake’s throat
What might spread the fabric
Or welcome us in
Or want us back


Rose Fairfield lives with her family in the Appalachian Mountains where she serves her community as a behavioural health professional. By night she enjoys reading, writing, and spoiling her cat.

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