The Murmur of Everything – a poem by Jenny

The Murmur of Everything

It is probably why we like the whispering
of leaves in fall.
We ponder where the wind first
started. Was it butterflies
in Japan? If we listen
softly enough
will we hear them pressing
their wings, the resulting push
of air our way?
I know only the subtle sense of something
beyond the movement
in front of me;
a deep
call of unseen fluttering
beneath, beyond quotidian life
moving inside rays of
I long to touch the original breath
with tendrils
of sensation emanating from
this miracle
of a body, this
sweet field of wonder and mystery
that is both the vessel
and the journey.
When so much seems wrong,
there is still the shared opening of each
day like a gift,
changes in season, tall glasses
of cold, clear water
—and, of course
always, the barely perceptible
murmur of rustlings
as yet unborn.


Jenny has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 13 years having moved here from the New York metropolitan area with her family.   By day she is an international tax lawyer, but day and night, a poet, loving to write poems and share with anyone who will read them.  Her work has been in included as part of the yearly Bainbridge Island Poetry Corners celebration in which poems are posted on local storefronts, Ars Poetica, a juried pairing of poems with the work of local artists, several anthologies published by Diversion Press, two publications out of the Grief Dialogues project, “Just a Little More Time” and “Grief Dialogues, the book”, The Cascade Journal Vol. II, of the Washington Poets Association and others.

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