In Themselves – a poem by Srinivas S

In Themselves

In a world rife with narratives,
It is the daggers –
The unsaid –
That define being better,
Than spoken words –
The cloaks.

Mirrors lie before mirrors:
Their subject –
Between them an object –
Becomes a trace,
A face in a maelstrom
Of reflections.

Truth abides in silence;
And words,
With their watery veneer,
Are but diversions –
Tempting and rippled –
From the Heart…

(As shadows seek Light –
Their progenitor –
Like rivers seek the Ocean –
Their progeny –
Through space and time—
In Themselves.)


A theoretical linguist by training, Srinivas S works as an English teacher in Chennai, India. He divides his leisure time between sleeping and watching films, and occasionally comes out of his rut to write a verse or two.

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