Venetian Landing Crafts: A Survey – a poem by Thomas Simmons

Venetian Landing Crafts: A Survey

That manmade debris
Those landing crafts

of ours stubbornly
sticking to the planet surface
insisting upon

their own contributions
to Venus’s winds
and turbulences

stubbornly creating tiny
vortices for the winds
to notice – a scherzo melody


Hoary Venus
Precarious Venus

frozen in place in the lava-hot winds

In the end, neither Venus
nor her belt-of-dunes nor
her flesh-of-sharp-canyons
were altogether unmoved

by them

Now their features
complemented one another;
complimented each other

The landing crafts
and their host

Hoary Venus
Boastful Venus

If one listens carefully
one can almost hear them
speak vespers together

Round manmade saucers
placed across that planet
here there and everywhere

like the boy who wanted freckles
so much he gave himself
freckles with a magic marker

and went to school proud
of his facial handiwork
here there and everywhere

Tiny pretty human constructs
speckling a created province
I think He is pleased with it


Thomas Simmons is a professor at the University of South Dakota School of Law and a lifelong South Dakotan. His scholarship focuses on trusts and estates. He teaches courses in estate planning, professional ethics, and the Holocaust. His poems have been published in, inter alia, El Portal, Corvus Review, Nebo, and North Dakota Quarterly.

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