The thin silence – a poem by Naomi Marklew

The thin silence

is the hush between breaths,
the single atoms’ breadth between us,
which has of late gaped to a void
when darkness slipped into the gap.

Blinker my eyes to see only light,
set my stumbling feet
into a cleft in the rock;
anchor me there as you pass by.

Come to me in quietness,
or let me find you at my elbow
where you have been waiting
for the trembling to stop.


Naomi Marklew lives in Durham in the North of England, where she moved to study poetry in 2007. She writes poems and blogs at


  1. chloefb says:

    I keep reading this. It gets more beautiful each time.


  2. HelenH says:

    Like the idea of being almost planted in the cleft of the rock.. reminds me of Song of Songs 2 v 1 amplified.. lily growing in difficult places


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