Awakening – a poem by Cynthia Pitman


Lie back on the young spring grass.
Let the wind ruffle its blades
against your skin. Feel their green.
The sun shines softly today.
Let it in.
Close your eyes, but only half-way.
See the blur of the azure sky,
puffed with clouds of white and gray.
The birds wild cry on high
as they float on the waves of air.
Today tastes like warm wine.
Drink in its elixir.
Begin anew.


Cynthia Pitman, a former high school Advanced Placement English teacher from Orlando, Florida, has had poetry published by Amethyst Review, Right Hand Pointing, Three Line Poetry, Third Wednesday (contest finalist), Vita Brevis, Leaves of Ink, Ekphrastic Review, Postcard Poems and Prose, Adelaide, and others. Her book, The White Room, is forthcoming.

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