BOOM – a poem by C.T. McClintock


and hope is painted
like a dogwood over a penny farthing
daguerreotyped for so long
like gardens on verandas
with little haggling leaves
or sons rapt with leatherwork
hair caught in their fingers
their foreboding gone for Lent

Dallis grass and moons like Ganymede
worlds made from hot matter, melted and bent
and Man watches from an airy railcar
ever set apart from the symphony

ascend to hallelujah
from sea ice to rice paddies
Taconic Mountains
all rolling and gone
raven on a branch
flicks her braided wings
brushes the horses
that remain unbranded
and in the knapweed
rhymes, Vesuvian
all bold and rabbity
connect us to the symphony

reflect back to us
our panicked need
reflect back to us
our panicked need


C.T. McClintock lives her best life in Brooklyn. She is a Doctoral Fellow at St. John’s University in Queens where she teaches undergraduate writing and works as the Assistant Editor of the St. John’s Humanities Review. Follow her on Instagram (@c.t.mcclintock) for her latest writing.

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