Myself, Looking Back – a poem by Elodie Rose Barnes

Myself, Looking Back
at Fountains Abbey

Sometime in the future I will be born
here, in this place
where water is woven with light
and reflection on reflection stretches
to the horizon

images that break
with the cry of a bird and the rippling beat
of wings

cracks that drip chanted prayers
through my bones.

Everything is muffled
by moss and guarded by ivy, not quite reclaimed
by time.

Sometime, long ago, I think I died here,

my skin nothing
but the horizon of time.

Immense, boundless.
Blue reflected on blue.


Elodie Rose Barnes is an author and photographer. She can usually be found in Spain, Paris or the UK, daydreaming her way back to the 1920s, while her words live in places such as Dust Poetry, Bold + Italic and trampset. Current projects include two chapbooks of poetry, and a novel-in-flash on the life of modernist writer Djuna Barnes. Find her online at, and on Twitter @BarnesElodie.

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