Readings – a poem by Jane Angué


As your words, shared, move on,
making their own way, these,
between ourselves,
may come between us.
Hold definition in the shadows.

A pause.

The measure that you choose.
Weighing a word’s worth:
Icarian arrogance,
terrifying quiescence,
incalculable risk,
darkroom childhood.

Fix the reflection on the water:
you will not see;
plunge your hand
deep into the mirror,
let the milky coolness
envelop your fingers:
we will understand each other.

Essence escapes
my metamorphic words.
Take them as you will.
Make them yours.


Jane Angué teaches English Language and Literature in France. Writing in French and English, work has appeared most recently in Le Capital des Mots, Amethyst, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Acumen and Poésie/première. A pamphlet, des fleurs pour Bach, was published in 2019 (Editions Encres Vives).

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