Scenic Vista – a poem by Morgan Driscoll

Scenic Vista

Head bowed,
chin to stubby tie,
hands clasped in polyester lap
shut my eyes and pray aloud.
I pray for those who may have lapsed
inclusive of this future self of me.

taught that we were chosen (maybe)
thought that we could never see
a time when our entreaties would be
viewed as any other thing…
except as earnest piety.
Now what I see
from 50 years removed is

fearing petty sins of average hearts
supplied with naive minds which you impart
the bureaucracy of your beliefs,
with all of it’s malignancy
hid by your sincerity
and desire to make any kind of mark.

With something that we all let pass for love,
you guide me to a path you say will lead to heaven.
At least it had been paved with good intention.


Morgan Driscoll is a commercial artist looking to express himself in ways that do not involve selling things. Poetry seems the the form most expressive, and least mercenary, so he is giving it a try. When not running a business, or raising 5 children, or drinking coffee, he occasionally explores the spiritual, quickly losing his way and retreating back to the profane.


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