A Plea – a poem by Dennis Daly

A Plea

Star-maker, master of luster,
I oppose the unprincipled
Of which this world is so peopled,
Some wicked folk prone to fester.

If deterred, they bite and pester,
The righteous first mute, then frightened,
Star-maker, master of luster.

Villains may blubber or bluster,
Unashamed, even emboldened.
Here virtue devolves, diminished.
Let discernment never be finished,
Star-maker, master of luster.


Dennis Daly has published seven books of poetry and poetic translations. He writes reviews regularly for The Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene and on occasion for the Notre Dame Review, Ibbetson Street, Wilderness House, and the Somerville Times. He occasionally reads his poetry at various venues. Please see his blog at dennisfdaly.blogspot.com.

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