New View of Neptune – a poem by Jill Buckley

New View of Neptune

Here in this azure outpost
Of the once-known universe,
There will be no more crying or pain.
I wiped away my final tear
When I came down
This Neptune morning.

It is so BLUE!
Blue like the skies of midsummer,
Like the way the oceans
Should have looked on Earth.
I race like a strong, cleansing wind across the surface
Of this wondrous sphere.

Moons there are a-plenty
A multitude of beings
Could ill-meet by moonlight.

The sun is a distant dot
An inflamed sore on the face of the deep.
All is serene and languid here.
The Earth, my tragic dream, has passed.
I wish I could say good riddance…

But I am the Spirit
And now I hover
Over life-giving waters.


Jill Buckley is a member of the Stirling – based Cowane Street Writers, a group of writers in central Scotland with a broadly Christian focus. She is also a secondary school English teacher. The above poem, which imagines a divine creator with a new project on another planet, is both theologically unsound and scientifically impossible – purely speculative!


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