In His Presence – a poem by Lynne D. Soulagnet

In His Presence

The clouds open with soft hinges
a dove lays its breast upon the air

The lake pink from early light
lends itself to the feathered reflection

A choir of small birds sing in the rushes
creatures nestled together slowly awaken

Seeds scattered by the wind
grown into a multitude of things

Morning glories unfold in the grasses
window the first rays of sun

Trees stand in verdant vesture
their angelic arms lifted in praise

Each day offers itself to the imagination
like a cup overflowing in the palm of a hand

The soul of the world stirs if we listen
the miracle unveiled if we allow ourselves to see


Lynne D. Soulagnet was born on Long Island and grew up in Dix Hills where she worked for many years as a nurse tending to people in all stages of life. She will never forget the influence her wonderful English teachers had on her, giving her the lasting gift of a love for poetry which has followed her all her life. She has been published in Adelaide Literary Magazine, Paumanok: Interwoven, The Avocet, Better Than Starbucks, The Paterson Review, Blue Collar Review, Months to Years and others. She remains active in many poetry venues in New York.

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