Four-Corner Travel – a poem by Margaret Marcum

Four-Corner Travel

What is possible is
for you. Like the sound from a
flame on a wick which never fades:

See. There is a chair in a room with
many windows. There is a window in
a chair with many rooms. A waiting tomb
where the doctor is not quite in.

She was gone in the place where
the sun had shone the whole time.
Four horses ride by the window,
her hair streaming with Sunday’s
sunny rays. She sings her warning
in a tongue riddled with progression

for a new land draped in disappearance
far beyond the dreamscape of modern order

& what comes—astonishing


Margaret Marcum is currently a student in the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Florida Atlantic University. She graduated with a B.A. and her literary interests include animal rights, healing the collective through personal narrative, vegan studies, and ecofeminism. Her poems previously appeared in Literary Veganism and Children, Churches, and Daddies. 

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