Ocean of Light – a poem by Vishwam Heckert

Ocean of Light

I think we must be
sea creatures
in a way.

But ours
is an ocean of Light.

The physicists tell us
everything we see
is made of Light.

All matter is energy

All matter is Light
in another form.

You and I,
we are swimming

in luminous bodies
in an ocean of Light

able to sense
in so many

that we easily forget
what we are perceiving
and what we are

is all the same
in a way.


Vishwam Heckert is a Heart Of Living Yoga Teacher & Trainer, a former academic, and a gentle revolutionary mystic. His joy is helping others (and himself) to relax and discover peace. He currently Matlock, Derbyshire, with his partner and their garden. http:/ flowingwithlife.org.

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