The Potter’s Wheel – a poem by Lynne D. Soulagnet

The Potter’s Wheel

Creation starts slowly.
Palms surround the amorphous form,
begin molding as the wheel turns
spinning clay, soft and damp.
Each turn transforming matter,
this pliable earthy mass.
As if by magic, slight-of-hand,
when fingers press in, a vase appears.
A mere touch and a lip is added,
the vase becomes a pitcher.
Thumbs brought in pushing out,
a bowl comes into existence.
The evidence of things unseen,
something made from nothing.
Or was it there all along
waiting for the master’s hands?


Lynne D. Soulagnet was born on Long Island and grew up in Dix Hills where she worked for many years as a nurse tending to people in all stages of life. She will never forget the influence her wonderful English teachers had on her, giving her the lasting gift of a love for poetry which has followed her all her life. She has been published in Adelaide Literary Magazine, Paumanok: Interwoven, The Avocet, Better Than Starbucks, The Paterson Review, Blue Collar Review, Months to Years and others. She remains active in many poetry venues in New York.

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