Heavenly Scene Backdrop Banner – $10.37 – a poem by Megan McDermott

Heavenly Scene Backdrop Banner – $10.37

Clouds, beams of light:
the classics.

I’ve sometimes been afraid
of heaven, and this is
the heaven of my fear –
an eternity encapsulated
in something unnatural,
static and devoid
of heart.

Who wants to live in the air?

Still, the Bible has a few
other images – cities
and banquets and rivers,
things I’ve known,
things that feel human.
But that doesn’t dilute
the fear of forever.

Any image is still a grasping
at something my hands have never held.


Megan McDermott is a poet and Episcopal priest living in Western Massachusetts. She is a graduate of Yale Divinity School and Susquehanna University. Her poetry has been published in various publications, including The Christian Century, The Cresset, Psaltery & Lyre, Amethyst Review, Rogue Agent Journal, Gyroscope Review, and Saint Katherine Review.

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