I Spoke Into Heaven – a poem by Margaret Marcum

I Spoke Into Heaven

and a message was delivered. Becoming a part
of the clouds, the pale winds which
make the sky. A parting of seagulls,
white plumes

the plainest song ever sung—
prophetic diamond essence of coal.

Then I heard a vibration deep in return,
euphoria forming from the Earth—brilliant shards of
words and numbers strung together like blueprints
of constellations. A pattern of agreement, of purpose between,
among, and beyond moving, dwelling
in the essence of motion, in the fourfold of the world.

The rest was near to come and the work
began to get done—co-creator of carpentry. You gave
us a voice of wood to design and care for.

And finally, when the sun and moon came down to rest,
the four sources came to complete— we sat down to eat
our last before an answer, low and old:

a bird, made from air and light, come
to save us with one feather
soaring down upon the sunset of Creation.


Margaret Marcum is currently a student in the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Florida Atlantic University. She graduated with a B.A. and her literary interests include animal rights, healing the collective through personal narrative, vegan studies, and ecofeminism. Her poems previously appeared in Literary Veganism and Children, Churches, and Daddies. 

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