If the Early Days of Our Relationship were The Holy Trinity – a poem by Jack Houston

If the Early Days of Our Relationship were The Holy Trinity

Jesus Christ would have to be the sex, wouldn’t He?
The attraction that crept over the both of us, fitting
us into each other, making us see somehow & spookily
what we’d be for each other, I’ve got as The Holy Spirit.
God? God’s sat in the heaven we hadn’t yet guessed
we were designing: the flat in which we’d live
with stickle-bricks & jigsaw pieces increasing over
the floor, corresponding twinkles still spooled
in our eyeballs; the framed memories up on the walls;
the British Heart Foundation Furniture Shop sofa
I’d one day swear would never fit in the lift.
But the substantive body nailed to the cross?
That has to be effort we put in each & every time –
whilst occasionally proclaiming His good name.


Jack Houston is a writer from London. His work has been shortlisted for the Basil Bunting and Keats-Shelley prizes, the Live Cannon Pamphlet competition and was runner-up in the 2017 Poetry London Competition. His online lockdown poetry workshop with Hackney Libraries can be joined by emailing jack.houston@hackney.gov.uk

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